My Year of Concerts™: Journey with Toto

April 15, 2023

#MyYearOfConcerts continued last night up in Spokane…I went to see Journey with Toto as the opening act!

Gotta be honest. In the days/weeks leading up to this one, I was kinda meh about it. In my quest to see at least one concert per month, there weren’t many concerts to choose from in April. I texted my son earlier in the week: “not super super excited because no Steve Perry, but it was the best (almost only) option for April”.

Then I texted him and Cari right after the show: “Holy shit that rocked”!!!

It’s funny that I (we?) think of Journey as Steve Perry’s band — makes sense, they had all their biggest hits with him. But Arnel Pineda has now been Journey’s lead singer longer than Perry was. And damn, dude can sing! I know there’s been some drama and battles internally with Journey over the last year but there was no sign of anything like that during the show. They put on a great show.

Oh, and I was not prepared for how much Toto rocks. Steve Lukather has gotta be one of the most underrated guitarists around. They were a fantastic opener.

#MyYearOfConcerts continues — got lots of shows lined up over the rest of the year and always looking for more!


  • Reply Renee Friedrich May 16, 2023 at 6:01 pm

    We went to that show last year and had so much fun too! Toto seriously rocked, when you realize their age, it’s even more impressive!

    • Reply Matt McGee May 16, 2023 at 7:18 pm

      Yes, it was sooooo good. Living proof that rock music ain’t just for/by the young folks. 🤟

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