My Year of Concertsā„¢: Night Ranger

November 18, 2023

You didn’t think I was gonna go all of November without seeing a concert, did you? šŸ˜

MyYearOfConcerts continued last night in Tacoma with my first-ever Night Ranger show!

It’s funny, when I told Cari I was gonna drive 3+ hours for this show, she was likeā€¦ “I didn’t know you liked them THAT much!” I kinda do. ĀÆ\_(惄)_/ĀÆ When I cleared out my 100- to 150-piece vinyl collection from my parent’s house back in the day, and had to choose about 20-25 records to bring out west with me, Night Ranger made the trip.

Don’t get me started about the venue (Emerald Queen Casino), but thankfully the show itself was great — much like Toto and a couple others from earlier this year, much better than I expected.

This is Night Ranger’s 40th anniversary tour, and they’ve been releasing albums for a good part of those 40 years — but wisely, they kept the setlist to the big, first three albums from the early- and mid-80s. Heard ALL of my favorites, which was awesome.

So that’s 16 shows in 2023. #MyYearOfConcerts might continueā€¦I have tickets for two shows in December, but not 100% positive yet that I’m going.

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