My Year of Concerts™: Eagles

February 20, 2023

Almost dying last year definitely sucked, but every dark cloud has a silver lining.

One of the silver linings the accident gave me is clarity. It helped me realize there’s a lot of stuff I want to do, see, hear, taste, feel, and experience before I die. And now is the time to lock in and make it happen. Enough dreaming, more doing. This isn’t a rehearsal. No do-overs. We get one life, and it can end at any moment.

I’m declaring 2023 My Year of Concerts™!

If all goes well, I’ll be seeing live concerts in at least seven of the 12 months this year. It’s only February, so I’m hoping to add to that as more tours/shows get announced.

Some of the shows on my schedule/wish list are bucket list bands/acts that I’ve never seen before, but My Year of Concerts™ began last night in Portland with my second Eagles show. Hotel California 2023 tour. Again, so damn good. And having a seat in the 7th row sure didn’t suck. 🙂

Deacon Frey was a special guest last night — Glenn’s son. He sang 3-4 of his dad’s songs. These 75-year-olds played for three full hours, just hit after hit after hit. And again, the most beautiful harmonies. Absolute legends.

It was my first concert … hell, first trip anywhere for any reason … since the accident. Between walking a half-mile from hotel to venue and back, plus dancing at my seat and getting up and down all night, I kinda overdid it and was in a fair amount of pain last night. But I’m feeling much better today, so that means My Year of Concerts™ will continue!! 🥰

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