New Address, New Online Error Messages

June 4, 2012

Aside from the occasional brush with unwanted creatures, living in a new house is pretty dang awesome.

But, as I’ve recently discovered, living at a new address has at least one minor drawback: Nobody recognizes that it’s a real address. Or, at least, nobody that uses whatever international address database is out there.

Several times in recent weeks, while trying to conduct business online and providing my address, I’ve come upon messages like this:


That’s happened on, Amazon, and a couple other sites. Very frustrating. I didn’t even know that addresses were checked against any master database of where people live, but apparently so.

On the bright side, it’s only a short-term problem. On every site where that message shows up, I just resubmit my order, then resubmit it again and, without fail, the third try gets accepted even if they can’t recognize the address.

Still, I hope that database is updated soon.

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