New House, Still on Schedule

January 22, 2012

The first real winter storm of the year finally hit this past week, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll have any impact on progress at the new house. As best we can tell, and from what the project supervisor told us last week, everything is still right on schedule for completion right around March 1st.

The storm’s timing was actually pretty perfect — all of the roofing had just finished and the siding was being finished just as the storm arrived. (Cari and I went over to the house as the winds started picking up last Tuesday and we nearly saw one worker get blown off a truss. Yikes!)

We had a walk-thru with the electrician a couple weeks ago and then another one with the supervisor last week. Both of these were done before the walls were installed, so we could see where all the wiring and plumbing goes.

Meanwhile, I went over today (now that the roads are getting back to normal) and grabbed another shot from across the street. Sure is looking great, don’t you think?


At some point soon, they’ll be installing the garage doors and putting locks on all the other doors, so we won’t be able to get inside without an appointment. No more Sunday strolls through the house for me!

At this point, seems like the most important we need to do is get our current house sold — and soon! (If you know anyone looking for a great house in wonderful neighborhood, let me know….)

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