One Week … 12 Firsts

February 27, 2011

oneLast week was filled with firsts for me. Here’s a list:

  1. First time I’ve ever given five presentations in one week.
  2. First time I’ve ever spoken at three events in one week.
  3. First time I’ve ever traveled to another city without knowing when or how I was getting home.
  4. First time I’ve ever skipped a flight and rented a car so I could get where I was going.
  5. First time I ever got to the destination in a car faster than the flight I was supposed to be on.
  6. First time I’ve ever paid $70 per hour for a car rental.
  7. First time I’ve ever eaten at restaurant where one of the menu items was bone marrow.
  8. First time I’ve ever used Portland’s MAX light rail system.
  9. First time I’ve been on a flight without assigned seating. (Southwest Air)
  10. First time I’ve ever had Thai food.
  11. First time my family has ever come to an event where I was speaking. (Even though they arrived about 10 minutes after it ended and only took part in the post-workshop networking mixer.)
  12. First time I’ve ever passed on a visit to an Apple Store (due to sheer exhaustion).

All in all, it was a crazy, fun and awesome week.

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