One Week with Eyeglasses

December 16, 2014

The last McGee has fallen.


That was me a week ago today, my first full day wearing eyeglasses. (I actually picked them up last Monday the 8th.) My mom, dad, both sisters, wife and both kids all wear glasses … so I was the last McGee to need them.

Like many heavy computer and screen users, I need them for when I’m at my desk or using my iPad/iPhone. Things too close to my eyes have become blurry over the past year.

The glasses definitely help. My computer monitor is just a bit more clear, and I can definitely read my iPhone and iPad when they’re closer to my eyes.

But I’m still not used to them. The glasses don’t do anything when I’m looking at things five feet away or more. In fact, they make stuff in the distance blurrier than it should be. So that’s kinda annoying — having to take off my glasses whenever I get up from my desk to go get the mail or grab some lunch or whatever. It’d be so much easier/better if the glasses were designed such that everything was clear and I didn’t need to constantly take them off and put them back on. I suppose I’ll get used to that eventually, but for now it’s a hassle.

On the bright side, most people — and most importantly, Cari — think I look good in them, so that’s cool.

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