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Pasco Pet Store Sells Sick Puppies

July 30, 2008

How does something like this happen?

There’s a story in our local paper that talks about a Petland store in Pasco that recently sold four puppies that were sick with Parvo. Two of the four have died. Yikes!

Here’s the part I don’t get:

It’s unclear whether the puppies were infected at the store or before arriving in Pasco from a Midwest supplier, Washburn said. The local Petland no longer will take puppies from that supplier, she said.

A Midwest supplier? I guess I never thought about it much, but … a Midwest supplier? So, like, there are dog factories and distribution chains just like we have with food, toys, furniture, auto parts, and everything else? Do they ship these dogs in big 18-wheelers, too? I’m not one of those animal freaks all of a sudden, but that just seems strange to me. But I suppose pet stores need (animal) inventory just like any other place….

Still, when all of the animal shelters in the Tri-Cities are overflowing (wish I could find that link) with unwanted pets, what on earth are people doing buying dogs at a chain pet store that come from the Midwest?

This whole thing is bizarre … maybe it’s just me?

[where: 5109 N Road 68, Pasco, WA 99301]


  • Reply Eric Lander July 31, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    Four years ago we bought my mother a Chocolate Lab as a Christmas gift after the family dog of 17 years had died. We bought it from a new store that we thought was clean, reputable and safe to deal with.

    Despite being a rescue-dog fanatic, we bought the purebred for $900. He ended up being a great dog. Great with kids, a bit beefier than the average Lab, but a well mannered dog. At three years old though he was diagnosed with cancer. He never made it to his fourth birthday.

    Local newspapers and television stations have since identified the store as having the same problems for dozens of families throughout the area. I know of at least three other owners who had their pets die of cancer within 5 years of having bought them there.

    While I would’nt throw that store under the bus on this alone, there’s a smoking gun involved. I don’t intend this to be an animal rights activist type of comment… However, I do think that this problem is more common than we may believe.

    Perhaps it’s time to hold larger stores and brands to standard for the breeders they source from.

  • Reply Kahlilah August 28, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Well of course they get them from suppliers. I figured most people knew that, and only continue to buy from pet stores because there are so many choices, and it’s easy. Whenever you buy any sort of pet from a pet store, you can expect it came from a “mill”. Not many chain pet stores buy from individual breeders. With some animals, like reptiles, birds, and some rodents, this probably doesn’t matter. But if you are getting a cat, dog, or ferret, the chances of them having congenital problems is increased tenfold if they were bred in a mill.
    That’s just the way business goes.. as a prospective pet buyer, it’s down to you to ask where the animals came from, or pay more to get your pet from a breeder.

  • Reply jacki May 29, 2009 at 12:18 am

    that isn’t the only problem they have watch out for manager ,well i won’t give his name but he hung up on me, then sent me a rude email stating that petland doesn’t care if i complain to corperate and to get a life.what a way to keep customers.

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