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“Plant Yourself Here”

November 27, 2011

You may already know that Cari and I are building a new home and expect to move in early next year; late February/early March is the plan. (It should be noted that the builders are torturing me — they haven’t begun yet! Ack!)

We’ll be putting our current home on the market right after the new year, and we’ll want/need to sell it as quickly as possible to get the timing right with the new home being finished and ready for move-in.

Since I’m not a real estate agent, and since I’m married to one, we’ve already agreed that Cari is in charge of the selling process for this house. She knows home staging better than me. She knows what buyers are looking for better than me. And so on, etc., etc., etc.

However, I made one small contribution to the effort this weekend.

I was doing yardwork and needed to clean up the little tomato garden in the back yard. It died a couple weeks ago when the temperatures went down into the teens/20s.

So, as I was pulling out the dead plants and throwing out all of the unripe tomatoes that had fallen to the ground, I had a thought: Don’t dismantle the garden space itself. Leave the little fence up and keep the tomato plant cages in there — like this:


My logic? The buyers will come to the house and when they inspect the backyard and see the garden like this, they’ll think things like…

springtime … new beginnings … growth … planting … plant ourselves here!

And so maybe this little subconscious thing will help encourage them to buy our house. That’s what I’m thinking will happen. Cari doesn’t really see it the same way I do, though. But that’s okay. I don’t need any credit for outside-the-box ideas like this.

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