Random Thoughts: Apple, Tablets, etc.

January 26, 2010

MeccaRight before starting this post, I read my first article about the Apple tablet-thingy that’s apparently being announced tomorrow. I’ve seen lots of headlines about it in recent weeks, but have skipped all the articles for one big reason: I don’t need a tablet-thingy.

Rewind: For Christmas, a good friend finally got an iPod Touch (you know, the iPhone but without the phone) and immediately emails me to say, How did I live without this? This same friend is not an Apple fanboy by any means; very much a PC guy, though now he’s considering a full switch.

Back to now: The article I just read is this short piece in which the guy credited with creating the idea of a laptop computer had this to say to Steve Jobs when Jobs showed him the iPhone years ago:

“Make the screen five inches by eight inches, and you’ll rule the world.”

And this occurred to me: Just like now with the tablet-thingy, I didn’t get wrapped up in the iPod hype years ago. I didn’t buy an iPod when it first came out, nor when the 2nd or 3rd versions came out. I didn’t buy the first iPhone, either. And yet today my reaction is the same as my friend’s — how did I ever live without these things?

Here’s what I think will happen next: I won’t buy the tablet-thingy; I’ll wait for version 2 (like you should almost always do with Apple products). And then I’ll buy it, and I’ll wonder how I ever lived without it.

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