Random Thoughts: Hotels and Air Travel

June 14, 2011

Two things that won’t fit on Twitter:

1.) Why is it that you can reserve a hotel room without paying, but not an airplane ticket?

I can reserve any room I want in any city at any hotel and not pay a dime unless I actually follow-through and use it. But you have to pay up front for a seat on an airplane? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make airline reservations and cancel them 24 hours in advance without paying, like you can do with hotels? That would be awesome.

2.) Why does no hotel pamper guests with quality toilet paper?

Seriously, no matter how much you pay for a hotel toom and no matter what city you’re in, you get the same industrial-strength, barely-softer-than-sandpaper toilet paper. Stay at a posh hotel and they’ll give you the soft, terry cloth robe, the super-comfy bed, the HD TV and all the other niceties … but no dice on anything remotely acceptable on the toilet paper dispenser. My kingdom for a roll of Charmin at my next hotel stay!

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