Readability: The Best Web Tool Ever

October 16, 2009

I do a lot of reading online. A lot. Do you? If so, maybe you’re like me — you’re tired of trying to find the article in a sea of advertisements, graphics, and other distractions. There’s too many news sites with poor readability, y’know?

So let me suggest you download and use the Readability bookmarklet from Arc90. Just choose your settings (you can control text size, font, etc.) and then drag the bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar and you’re all set. When you’re reading news online, just click the bookmarklet and you’ll instantly get a perfectly readable, ad-free version of the article. Like this:


(you can click for a larger version)



(you can click for a larger version)


So much better, isn’t it? Yep, you’re welcome.

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