Rhyme time

August 5, 2005

T has discovered the incredibly amazing fact that some words sounds just like other words. Every day she presents Mom and Dad with new rhyming combinations, some of which are not actually rhymes — but are usually pretty close. Nonetheless, she has come up with a few gems recently, two of which I’ll share here:

“Mommy, Wheat Thins rhymes with Ethan.”
( Said while Mom is eating Wheat Thins. She has a friend named Ethan.)

“Daddy, please rhymes with easy and with Mac-N-Cheese.”
(Said while eating a dinner of Mac-N-Cheese and being reminded to say “please” when asking for more. Not sure how “easy” got in there, but I was impressed that she tried to rhyme three words rather than two.)

Oh, the miracle of discovery. 🙂

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