Shoes and carrots

March 8, 2005

There’s nothing like a carrot in front of the nose to get someone to do something.

We’ve been working with Sean for the past 6 months to teach him how to tie his shoes, but he’s never been able to pick it up. I’ve kinda thought the problem is partly motivation, as he’d much prefer to have Mom or Dad do it, anyway.

Finally last week, must’ve been Thursday or Friday, I told him we were gonna go 100% at it over the weekend and teach him how to tie his own shoes. But this time I offered a reward: I’d buy him “MVP Baseball 2005” for the Playstation as soon as he learned.

We started Saturday morning around 10 am. At 3:30 pm Sunday, we were in line at Circuit City, a copy of MVP Baseball ready to be bought.


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