Stumbling onto the LOST beach in Hawaii

December 11, 2021

We were on a day trip to Oahu last month. The purpose behind the trip was to learn more about Oahu, scout some neighborhoods, and see more of the island than Honolulu proper.

We were up on the north shore, driving around, getting out of the car here and there, all really casual and such. Lunchtime came and we decided to stop at a burger place in a little town called Haleiwa.

As we waited for the food, I fired up my Swarm app to do a check-in. I’m looking through the list of suggested places and one of them says something like “LOST place crash beach.” I was like … WTF!?!? I had no idea we might be close to that beach!!

LOST was always one of Cari’s and my favorite shows. We watched it religiously every week from beginning to end. So I told her what the app was saying and she got as excited as me.

Did a little more research as we scarfed down our burgers and sure enough, the beach where the plane crashes in the pilot episode is only like 10 minutes away!!! We had a bunch of places we were supposed to go, but this quickly became priority No. 1!

Sure enough, just as advertised, we found the LOST beach. There were only a couple other people walking in the area and I didn’t see any signs or anything else to indicate that this was where the plane crashed.

But you couldn’t miss it.

The mountain ranges were a dead giveaway. The shapes and curves of the beach and ocean. The vegetation in the area. It was exactly what you’d expect it to look like 15+ years after that first episode. Here are a few comparison pics, then and now with the TV show and what we saw.

I’m not in the exact right spot for either photo, but you can tell it’s the same place. And it was soooo freaking cool to be there and walk on the beach. I still can’t believe we accidentally stumbled onto the LOST beach.

I’ve been talking about rewatching the entire series for the past 4-5 years, but I keep not doing it. Maybe this will spur me to dive back into it one of these days!

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    What’s up, McGee? Yeah, 1983 was a great year for music, but a terrible year overall — we got cut from the HS BB team! Ha! Hope all is well…

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