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    The Sweatpants Conspiracy

    October 15, 2018

    (I don’t believe I’m blogging about sweatpants. Sweatpants? Yes. Sweatpants.)

    I’ve been working out pretty regularly this year in the gym that I put together out in our garage. Since the temps are cooling off now, I’m working out in long-sleeved shirts and sweatpants, not the usual shorts and t-shirt combo.

    That, plus the fact that I work from home and tend to wear sweatpants on non-workout days, too, means I’m running out of clean sweatpants every week.

    Time to shop!!

    I went to Target this weekend, my home for sweatpants over the years. They always have the most basic sweatpants you can find — usually from Hanes or some basic brand — for $10 each. Can’t beat that. But this year, those no-frills sweatpants were nowhere to be found.

    Instead, Target was trying to sell me sweatpants as a fashion statement! They had bedazzled sweatpants, sweatpants with extra zippers and designs and pockets and glitter. Some were $50 and up, and the cheapest were $17. Not a huge deal, but they were all ugly and not what I wanted.

    Oh, and they weren’t called sweatpants. They’re now “joggers.” When did that happen?

    So anyway, after our real estate team meeting today I kept looking. First to JCPenneys, then to Sears, then to Old Navy. Same story as with Target — lots of fashion, lots of overdone designs and not one of them had the basic, no-frills sweatpants I wanted!!! Oh, and they were all called “joggers” again. WTF??!!

    I’m pretty sure the retailers and clothing makers got together and came up with a sweatpants conspiracy: No more $10 sweatpants with simple designs; just over-designed and over-priced “joggers” everywhere. I mean, look at the photo above from Old Navy: “Level up your fleece game with a sleek, modern fabrication….” How about NO? I don’t need a sleek, modern fabrication. I need some simple sweatpants!

    I tried one more place today: Shopko. Found lots more “joggers” with too many pockets and patterns and stripes and zippers and $50 price tags, but I kept going through the men’s section. Finally, there they were on the back wall: basic, no-frills Gildan sweatpants! There was no price tag on them, but I was sure they weren’t gonna run $40 each.

    At the register, they scanned at $9.99 each. BAM! I had three pairs with me, and the total bill came to $26.32. I asked the cashier if she’d given me some kind of discount, and she said she did because I’d been waiting in line too long. BAM! Persistence paid off and I side-stepped this awful fashion conspiracy. And now I have the last three pairs of basic sweatpants that were being sold in the United States.

    (I don’t believe I just blogged about sweatpants….)


    My Two New SEO T-Shirts

    September 9, 2011

    I’ve mentioned before that I’m kind of a t-shirt collector, and so I have to share the two new ones that just arrived.

    I think I might have to wear one or both of these during SMX East. I posted this first one on Twitter and Google Plus, and so far it’s a unanimous “Yes” vote to wear it at the conference.


    But I also have this other SEO t-shirt that I like. Might have to find a way to work this one in the carry-on, too.


    If this was SMX West or Advanced coming up, I’d totally bring both of them — and I’d wear them both while moderating sessions! But for some reason, SMX East is a little more … formal, shall we say? … in my mind, so not sure how to make this work. We’ll see…..



    July 12, 2009

    (At the risk of everyone thinking I’m some kind of freak…)

    I have a t-shirt that I only wear when cutting the lawn.

    I have a t-shirt that I only wear when cutting my hair. (This t-shirt gets tossed and replaced 2-3 times a year.)

    I have a few t-shirts that I wear when cleaning bathrooms or working around the house, because I don’t mind them getting dirty, and others that I’ll never wear when cleaning (because I do mind).

    I have 4-5 t-shirts that I only wear to bed.

    I have 4-5 solid white t-shirts that I only wear underneath nicer dress shirts when I’m at conferences and such.

    I have about 5 nicer, “dressy” t-shirts that I tend to only wear to church in the summer.

    I have about 20 U2-related t-shirts that I never wear at all.

    Anyone else like this? Have certain t-shirts that serve certain purposes, like cutting the lawn? Or am I really weird about my t-shirts?


    President Daddy!

    December 4, 2005

    “President Daddy! President Daddy!”

    That’s what T started telling this morning when I came out to the family room. Why? It was the first time she’d ever seen me wearing a tie.

    Ten minutes later I asked her, “Why’d you call me ‘President Daddy’?”

    “Because you had that long, hang down thing on.”

    Which, apparently, only presidents wear!


    Sad day

    October 18, 2004

    I’m always the first one wearing short to work every spring, and the last one wearing long pants in the fall. For the first time since March, I had to wear long pants to work today. It’s too cold for shorts — about 60 today for the high temp. I work better in shorts and a t-shirt. Long pants make me sad.