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Be Careful at the ATM

(or the “ATM machine,” as Bono calls it) Today’s helpful bit of advice is to pay attention the next time, and every time, you go to the ATM or use any other kind of machine that involves your credit card (like a gas station kiosk, for example). If you see something like this, either go […]

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Agreeing with the 2008 Consumer Action Credit Card Survey

Mrs. McGee and I are doing our best to get rid of all credit cards in our possession. Unfortunately, it’s slow going because we did some pretty stupid things in our 16+ years of wedded bliss. But we’re making progress, and we’ll eventually get there. Everything will be purchased with cash or debit cards, with […]

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How I Lowered Our Credit Card Interest Rates

First things first: I hate credit cards. I’m as guilty as anyone of being fiscally irresponsible with them in the past, but I also think a special circle of hell should be reserved for credit card companies. In the past year, the McGees have paid off and cancelled 6-7 credit cards, and we still have […]

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