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WSU: Good for Entrepreneurs, Bad for Football Players

I’m one of the few men living in the state of Washington who doesn’t give a rat’s arse about the Washington Huskies vs. Washington State Cougars rivalry. (My allegiances are elsewhere.) The whole state is going gaga with both schools still winless for the football season. I couldn’t care less. But when one of the […]

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Shoes and carrots

There’s nothing like a carrot in front of the nose to get someone to do something. We’ve been working with Sean for the past 6 months to teach him how to tie his shoes, but he’s never been able to pick it up. I’ve kinda thought the problem is partly motivation, as he’d much prefer […]

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What are they teaching my kid(s)?

For the past two weeks, my son — and his entire kindergarten class — has been counting down the days until May 25th. That’s not the last day of school. No, that’s the day an incubator full of eggs will hatch live chicks in their classroom. According to the “Egg Countdown Calendar” on our fridge, […]

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