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    Did You Know? U.S. Presidents Can’t Send Email

    November 17, 2008

    I had no idea, but it’s apparently true that U.S. presidents aren’t allowed to send email. Lifehacker has an article about how Barack Obama is being forced to give up his Blackberry for security reasons:

    President-elect Barack Obama will have to give up the BlackBerry that he’s had literally by his side (clipped to his belt, a surprising fashion faux pas by the normally quite fashionable candidate). Because of security concerns, the chief executive is not allowed to send emails.

    The article also links to a New York Times blog post in which President Bush talks about wanting to start using email again when he’s out of office.

    Amazing. I had no idea. But I suppose it makes sense.

    Now if only we could get all those Nigerian princes to stop sending email…..