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    My Workout Songs Playlist

    July 22, 2010


    I tweeted that a couple hours ago, right after hearing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, “Tom Sawyer” by Rush, and two Who songs in a row — “Eminence Front” and “Baba O’Riley.” Awesome.

    It led to some fun conversations with others on Twitter about workout songs; Blake Thompson asked me to post my playlist, so now that I’ve figured out how to export from iTunes, why not? Earlier this year, I posted 8 Great Workout Songs, but here’s the full list of 50+ songs that accompany me to the gym, in alphabetical order by artist.

    Name Artist
    Der Kommissar After the Fire
    Deep and Wide and Tall Aztec Camera
    Long Lost Better Than Ezra
    Speeding Up To Slow Down Better Than Ezra
    In A Big Country Big Country
    Dancing With Myself Billy Idol
    Nothing Man Bruce Springsteen
    The Rising Bruce Springsteen
    Politik Coldplay
    Clocks Coldplay
    Welcome Collective Soul
    Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby Counting Crows
    Heroes David Cook
    Animal Def Leppard
    Pour Some Sugar On Me Def Leppard
    Learn To Fly Foo Fighters
    Two Tribes Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    Paradise City Guns N’ Roses
    Sweet Child o’ Mine Guns N’ Roses
    At Last Hothouse Flowers
    Ruby Kaiser Chiefs
    Can’t Stop Now Keane
    Use Somebody Kings of Leon
    First Time Lifehouse
    Time Is Running Out Muse
    Hysteria Muse
    Starlight Muse
    Uprising Muse
    Kill Your Television Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
    Wishlist Pearl Jam
    Under Pressure Queen & David Bowie
    Beat A Drum R.E.M.
    Beautiful Sky Reamonn
    Angels Fly Reamonn
    Tom Sawyer Rush
    Four Corners The Sea And Cake
    Chocolate Snow Patrol
    Wild Wild Life Talking Heads
    All That’s Left Thrice
    Out Of Control U2
    The Electric Co. U2
    Vertigo U2
    Original of the Species U2
    Magnificent (Fred Falke Remix – Edit) U2
    Mofo U2
    Bad (live) U2
    Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love Van Halen
    The Secret Vib Gyor
    When We Were Young Whipping Boy
    Eminence Front The Who
    Baba O’Riley The Who

    So yeah. A mix of ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and more current songs. Mostly rock, but a few slower songs too (Hothouse Flowers, REM, the Pearl Jam song, etc. Good times. Sure makes 45 minutes on a treadmill much more enjoyable.


    How I Lost 26 Pounds in 2.5 Months

    March 26, 2010

    I woke up today, stood on the scale, and good news: I reached my weight loss goal!! Woo-hoo! I’ve lost 26 pounds since January 6 and now weigh what it says on my driver’s license.

    Now, I’m no diet guru or health expert, and I’m really hesitant to write this post because it’ll look that way … but, a couple things:

    1. Whenever I mention my weight loss (including today on Twitter), people inevitably want to know how I did it.
    2. If, by sharing this, I can help even one other person lose some weight and get in better shape, it’s worth it.

    So let’s throw caution to the wind, shall we? Here’s what I did…
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    Lose It? I lost it: 21 pounds in 52 days

    February 27, 2010

    Is it okay to brag for a little bit? Hope so. I’ve been waiting to share some good news — and a tip — about the diet I’ve been on, and I decided I’d post something when my weight loss reached 20 pounds. Well, I woke up this morning and skipped right past that to 21 pounds. Wooo-hoooo!

    It all started when I woke up on January 6th and weighed more than I ever have in my life. I’d always told myself I’d get in shape and lose weight someday when I had more time to exercise, but this was a tipping point. Figured I had to make time to exercise, and it was now or never.

    My plan: No fancy diets, just eating right and getting more exercise. I mentioned last month that a new fitness club was opening up less than a mile away, so everything was perfect.

    lose-itI have to say that I had a little extra help in the form of an awesome iPhone app called Lose It! This is a screenshot of the home page, but there’s so much more going on.

    With Lose It, I set my weight loss goal at the start: 26 pounds over six months. Seemed attainable and not risky. Lose It then told me how many calories I could eat each day and still lose that weight — it gave me a food target, which was a huge help.

    Every morning (or as often as I want), I input my daily weight and it charts how I’m doing. After every meal, I also input what I ate and it tells me how many calories I ate and how many I have left. It has a lot of foods in its database, but I also have to “create new food”(s) when I eat something that’s not in there, and that’s easy to do (and kinda fun, I dare say).

    When I exercise, it tells me how many calories I burned and those get subtracted from what I ate — in other words, credited toward my daily calorie allowance. It has all kinds of exercises in its system, all the basics that I do when I workout at the gym, and it even has stuff like yard work, hedge clipping, lawn mowing, etc.

    This app has been a huge help. Thank you, Lose it!

    I haven’t quite reached my goal — five more pounds to lose for that. When I get there, I’ll actually be at the same weight that’s listed on my driver’s license.

    So, enough bragging about weight loss. Just wanted to share and, in case anyone out there in Readerville is also trying to or thinking about losing weight, offer some advice and info about the Lose It app. I think you’ll love it.