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Second thoughts on social media

Two weeks away from Twitter? Yep, I did that recently. It was two of the most enjoyable weeks of my life. Part of the hiatus was because I was out of the country on vacation with my wife, and even though we had plenty of internet access, family policy is that we don’t advertise when […]

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How I Learned to Love … Well, Like … Facebook

A year ago, I had almost 400 “friends” on Facebook, and another 300 or so friend requests that were awaiting replies. And I hated Facebook. I’d log on a couple times a week. Every once in a while, I’d see something fun or cool from my wife, one of my sisters, a different relative or […]

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Facebook: Annoying? Mysterious? Both?

I just finished updating my Facebook profile to the new Timeline. What a nerve-racking experience….because with Facebook, you never know what privacy settings have been changed without your permission, what new options and features are turned on by default, and so forth. Facebook doesn’t exactly have a good history of protecting its users, especially when […]

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