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Google Home vs. Amazon Echo #3: Where is Marfa, Texas?

Ever heard of Marfa, Texas? No? Me, neither. But that town was mentioned a while back on some TV show, and I was immediately curious to know where it was. I assumed Google Home would do better at answering a geographical question, but wasn’t at all pleased with the response I got. It told me […]

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Google Home vs. Amazon Echo #2: Dodgers Stadium age

While watching the World Series not long ago, the McGee family had a fun discussion about Dodgers Stadium. That’s the stadium my wife went to regularly as a kid growing up in the Los Angeles area, and I’ve been there a handful of times for baseball games, concerts, etc. In the process of discussing how […]

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Google Home vs. Amazon Echo #1: When does Costco open?

Google’s been the No. 1 search engine in the world for more than a decade because no other search engine can answer as many questions. You type something into its search box, and chances are pretty darn high that you’re going to find what you want pretty quickly. That should extend to voice search, too, […]

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