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Our New House is on Google Street View

This is the first time I’ve ever seen Casa McGee on Street View. New house, or old house. Google drove some of the main streets in our area about two years ago, or maybe more, but it didn’t do a thorough photo shoot in our old neighborhood at the time. So the old house wasn’t […]

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Google’s New Map Data is REALLY Old

Much has been made in the search industry recently about Google’s decision to ditch Tele Atlas and use its own map data for Google Maps. But did you know that Google’s map data is at least 10 years old in some places? Have a look at this Seattle map: The Kingdome? This Kingdome? That was […]

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Google Maps Tells Me to Kill Myself and Tourists

Part of the family vacation last week involved taking the kids down into Philadelphia to see the historic sites — Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, National Constitution Center, etc. It was a great, great day and a good time was had by all. Perhaps more about that stuff later, but the point of this post […]

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