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Red October: My new favorite plant

I’m calling Red October my “new” favorite plant, but if I’m being honest, I don’t know that I have an “old” favorite plant. I do know that I love this one, which we planted in our front yard (the one you see above) and back yard (a half dozen of them in the landscaping along […]

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The Horsetail Experiment is Over

You think I was kidding when I said I don’t have much of a green thumb? Get this: I can’t even grow weeds! It’s been almost three months since the horsetail reed experiment began on our front patio, and I’m pretty sure it’s time to throw the towel in. What happened? 1.) Wrong planter. These […]

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The Horsetail Reed Experiment

The experiment began at about 6:55 pm last night. That’s when I finished planting eight Horsetail Reed plants in a container on our front patio. It was a project that began a couple weeks ago when the fiberglass container arrived, and I started purchasing (and digging) rocks, soil and the plants. I worked on it […]

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