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    December: The Craziest Month of All

    December 8, 2009

    boxesEvery year around this time, I wonder what the mailman is thinking. And the UPS delivery guy/gal. And the FedEx person, too. Because every year at this time, our house has to be one of the busiest stops on their routes. This picture, for example, is just a sample of what was delivered to our house today. Two more boxes came after I took this shot.

    We had four deliveries in all. Just today. I’m expecting more tomorrow, and some later in the week. We had deliveries on three separate days last week.

    Does the mailman think we’re shopaholics? Does he think we’re bad parents that spoil our kids and buy them everything they want? Does he think we have no self-control?

    None of the above is true! But we have two darn good reasons that there are so many deliveries and packages arriving in December:

    1. In addition to Christmas, both of our kids have birthdays in December.
    2. The kids’ grandparents ask us to do their shopping for them, and then they send money to cover whatever gifts we bought the kids on their behalf. We shop for my parents, Cari’s mom, and Cari’s step-mom.

    So not only do we have triple the amount of gift-giving occasions to shop for this month, but we also do the shopping of four times the number of family members. That’s like … what? … 1,200% more gift-buying that we have to do than the normal family that has just one holiday and shops only for their own gift-giving? (Something like that. My math is rusty.)

    Maybe one of these days I’ll put a sign on the front door explaining this so that the delivery people can understand why they’re constantly bringing gifts to the house in December. It’s the craziest month of the year around here.


    Mail Call

    November 14, 2007

    This is part of what came in the mail today. Yes, eight Christmas catalogs in one day. One day!

    Christmas catalogs

    (I’m also posting to test photo sizes on the new blog. Shhhh….)