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Mom & Dad, Why Did You Let Me Eat This Stuff?!?

I’ve been chatting with my daughter over the past several days about all the strange (and probably unhealthy) eating habits that I had as a kid. There was the phase I went through around 8-10 years old where I constantly ate uncooked hot dogs straight from the package. I remember polishing off an entire pack […]

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A Connection to My Biological Parents

It’s been more than a year since I sent some saliva to 23andMe to learn as much as I could about my genetic makeup. None of the reports I’ve been able to access since then have revealed any inclinations toward serious medical conditions … which is a Good Thing. (Here’s hoping that trend continues!) I’m […]

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2017 was the year

2017 was the year that I said goodbye to my mom. It’s been 2+ months since she died. I used to chat with her every weekend, usually on Sundays. And since she died, not a weekend has gone by when I haven’t thought to myself at some point, “Oh cool, I get to call mom […]

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