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I choose to not be offended

1.) I’m not going to be offended by the 25-yr-old gal at the pet store today who asked me, “Do you want some help out to your car?” as I was buying a 30-pound bag of dog food. #ageism 2.) I’m also not going to be offended by the woman at the grocery store a […]

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“Are you afraid?”

I made a big decision recently: I bought a 23andMe DNA kit and have submitted my saliva sample so I can learn more about myself — at least the stuff that DNA testing can tell. One of the things it can reveal is my proclivity to contract certain diseases and/or health conditions. This is a […]

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My Life … in One Article

“You’re not an introvert! You speak in public all the time and do just fine.” “You’re not an introvert! You used to be on TV. How could you be an introvert and put yourself on camera five nights a week?” “You’re not an introvert! I’ve seen you out at parties or with friends and enjoying […]

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