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Wall-E was robbed…

I was gonna post about this last week, but the text of that post would’ve been a lot of %$@!#%$#@ and %$#$@$% like that. Now that I’ve settled down a bit about the Oscar nominations, I can say it much more eloquently: Wall-E was effing robbed! Seriously, it was a huge commercial success (something like […]

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Best Reviewed Movie of 2008

As if there was any doubt? Of course not. Rotten Tomatoes has declared WALL-E as the Best Reviewed Movie of 2008. Next stop? The Oscar Award for Best Film. I’m tellin’ ya…. Meanwhile, I see U2 3D at #4 on that list. And I also notice that, remarkably, I saw five of those ten movies […]

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TIME says Wall-E is Best of 2008

TIME magazine (correctly) lists Wall-E as the best movie of 2008. Awesome! Says Richard Corliss: A dirt-of-the-earth guy hooking up with the ultimate ethereal gal, WALL-E and EVE could be the 29th century version of Tracy and Hepburn, or Seth Rogen and any attractive woman. It hardly matters that the movie is not-quite-silent, when it […]

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