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New Home: They Haven’t Started Building Yet

Now that we’ve had all the prep meetings, and all the decisions have been made, I’m getting even more anxious to see our new home being built. Ran by there earlier this morning and … it hasn’t started yet. But, as you can see, they have stakes in the ground and paint to mark the […]

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How to Buy a House … in 4-5 Months

About 18 months ago, we came close to buying a new house about a half-mile from where we live now. But, after a crazy, seven-day period, that purchase fell apart when we got a much-bigger-than-expected bill from the tax man. Well … here we go again. Only this time, it’s a done deal. All signed. […]

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How to Almost Buy a House in 7 Days

We’ve been casually looking at houses for probably 4-5 years now. That’s what you do when your wife is a real estate agent who has access to the MLS 24 hours/day, and when your “starter” home (that fit your three-person family just fine, but not so much your four-person family) gets too cramped. But in […]

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