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The Day I Pumped Gas with Eddie Van Halen

I have an entire shelf of books here in my office — stuff I’ve bought or been given over the years but haven’t had time to read. My “someday” shelf. This Van Halen book is on it. Gonna force myself to read it soon. But first, a story. During my senior year at Pepperdine, I […]

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Young Pepperdine Sportscasters (Circa 1989-1990)

Matt & Kent (photo via Tim Wilhelm) This photo is a snapshot of what hope and dreams looks like … or looked like … back around 1989 or 1990. That’s me on the left and my Pepperdine sportscasting partner, Kent Justice, on the right, at a men’s basketball game. I really have no clue when […]

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Photos: Back to Pepperdine for a Day

That’s the view that I had every day of my freshman year at Pepperdine University. It’s a photo from the front of Dorm 11 and … wow … it was even more beautiful last month than I remember it being 25+ years ago. We had some Search Engine Land/Marketing Land staff meetings last month down […]

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