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    Such a Handsome Fellow

    August 26, 2008

    No, not me, but thanks for thinking that. 🙂

    I mean Sparky, our 4-month-old, soon-to-lose-his-manhood, doesn’t-like-cameras-in-his-face puppy. Shot this one a week or two ago, along with some funny video of him having a hissy fit because I kept putting the camera close to him. Such a shy little thing he is…..

    Ready to Pounce
    Tri-Cities, WA

    Pasco Pet Store Sells Sick Puppies

    July 30, 2008

    How does something like this happen?

    There’s a story in our local paper that talks about a Petland store in Pasco that recently sold four puppies that were sick with Parvo. Two of the four have died. Yikes!

    Here’s the part I don’t get:

    It’s unclear whether the puppies were infected at the store or before arriving in Pasco from a Midwest supplier, Washburn said. The local Petland no longer will take puppies from that supplier, she said.

    A Midwest supplier? I guess I never thought about it much, but … a Midwest supplier? So, like, there are dog factories and distribution chains just like we have with food, toys, furniture, auto parts, and everything else? Do they ship these dogs in big 18-wheelers, too? I’m not one of those animal freaks all of a sudden, but that just seems strange to me. But I suppose pet stores need (animal) inventory just like any other place….

    Still, when all of the animal shelters in the Tri-Cities are overflowing (wish I could find that link) with unwanted pets, what on earth are people doing buying dogs at a chain pet store that come from the Midwest?

    This whole thing is bizarre … maybe it’s just me?

    [where: 5109 N Road 68, Pasco, WA 99301]


    Sparky, the Crazy Puppy

    July 28, 2008

    I just remembered a week or two ago that I have a personal account on YouTube (in addition to the @U2 account and several other blog-related accounts). Since I recently bought the latest and greatest version of Apple’s iLife software, and since we recently got a puppy, I combined those two into my very first uploaded video on YouTube. (I’m such an early adopter.) It lasts a minute and there’s audio. Here it is:


    We Got the Dog

    July 5, 2008


    Originally uploaded by Matt McGee

    Meet Sparky.

    Sparky might have a new name soon, because some family members apparently aren’t sold on that moniker. We chose it because we brought Sparky home on the 4th of July, and things like “firework” and “M-80” don’t sound right, and “firecracker” takes too long to say. I like the name Sparky. Seems to fit him. And U2 fans might even know the subtle U2 reference in the name, too. (Shhhhhh.)

    Anyway, Sparky is the greatest dog in the world.

    Sparky waited the entire drive home (about 15 minutes) before jumping out of the car, going into the backyard, and taking care of business. Way to hold it, Spark!

    Sparky loves his (fairly) big backyard and doesn’t seem at all like the type of dog to try digging a hole under the fence.

    Sparky obeys lots of commands. He stops whatever he’s doing when you say “no.” “Sit” and “lie down” mean the same thing — namely, get down and roll over and show my belly so they’ll scratch me and I’ll like it. Sparky still needs some work on “come here” and “go get it/fetch.” I’m not sure he realizes that he’s a retriever.

    Sparky survived his first night sleeping in a new crate/house at a strange house, with strange people, with fireworks and firecrackers going off all night long, and didn’t have any problems at all. No barking, no crying, no trouble sleeping. (Sparky is a first-class sleeper.)

    Sparky came bounding across the yard first thing this morning when I went outside to see him.

    Sparky likes to chase ants and flies, and eats those roly-poly bugs whenever he finds one.

    Sparky is going to be an outdoor dog because Mrs. McGee gets eaten alive by fleas, and already got two bites yesterday while playing with Sparky. We’ll bring Sparky in to sleep when it gets really cold in the winter. (When flea season is long since finished.)

    Mom and Dad love Sparky to death. Son does, too, but is a bit hesitant with him. Daughter is glad we have Sparky, but won’t get anywhere near him.


    A New Family Member?

    July 3, 2008

    Strange how things sometimes work out.

    For months, I’ve been pushing and pushing to get a dog. But Cari (my wife) wasn’t on the same page — she certainly didn’t want a dog, and didn’t want any pet, for that matter. Plus, I couldn’t get my son to agree to be in charge of cleaning up the dog’s messes. And my daughter … well, she was opposed because dogs like to lick, and she doesn’t like that.

    A couple days ago, Cari comes home and tells me that one of her fellow real estate agents found a stray puppy that needs a home, and how they’ve put up “Dog Found” signs all over the neighborhood but no one has claimed the puppy. My son wants the dog right away, and even agrees to be in charge of cleaning up after it. His enthusiasm somehow changes Cari’s mind and she’s suddenly interested in the dog. Our daughter … not quite there yet.

    So we get some photos this morning from the other real estate agent (who’s housing the dog until they find a permanent home). My wife says she’s in love with the dog. My son only wants him even more. And even my daughter admits, “He’s really cute!” Here’s one of the pix:


    He is adorable, but now I’m the one who’s not sure. What if he’s not healthy? What if he destroys the sofa? What if he ruins the carpet? What if he bites one of us? What if he doesn’t like it here? Plus, taking care of a dog can get expensive.

    I don’t know. We’ll be visiting the dog tomorrow morning to see it in person. I have a feeling we’ll be bringing him home. Oddly enough, I’m way outnumbered at this point. Better start thinking of a name……