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Happy Valentine’s Day from the GOP and DNC!

I think it’s sweet that the Republicans and Democrats are in the “holiday” spirit today. The GOP is offering a half-dozen Valentine’s Day e-cards that you can send to a friend. They feature Hillary and Barack sharing some pretty funny Valentine wishes for your loved one. Here’s a sample: Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee has […]

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My little Republican

Sean announced today that he knows what he wants to be for Halloween: “An elephant, like the Republicans. And I can go around to people’s houses to get candy and tell them to vote for Bush, because the election is two days later.” And amazingly, they exist. Although that one looks a bit on the […]

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Reagan remembered

An old friend from high school (we were in high school together from 82-86) asked the other day what I thought about Reagan dying, saying “I remember you liked him in high school.” His question struck me in two ways: 1. I hadn’t really given much of my own thought to Reagan’s death since it […]

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