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Random Thoughts: Apple, Tablets, etc.

Right before starting this post, I read my first article about the Apple tablet-thingy that’s apparently being announced tomorrow. I’ve seen lots of headlines about it in recent weeks, but have skipped all the articles for one big reason: I don’t need a tablet-thingy. Rewind: For Christmas, a good friend finally got an iPod Touch […]

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Random Thought: Air Travel

If the TSA/FAA is going to create a bunch of silly, new in-flight rules (see story here and read comments here) as a knee-jerk reaction to the attempted attack on Christmas day, I’m going to change my travel plans for 2010. After missing most of the SEO/SEM conferences in 2009, I was hoping to attend […]

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Random Thought: Dentists

If the dentist really cared about you taking good care of your teeth, s/he’d give you one of those expensive, electric toothbrushes when you leave … not a cheap, flimsy, plastic one with terrible bristles that you wouldn’t even use on your dog. Maybe I’ll bring this up at my appointment in February.

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