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    Random Thoughts: Apple, Tablets, etc.

    January 26, 2010

    MeccaRight before starting this post, I read my first article about the Apple tablet-thingy that’s apparently being announced tomorrow. I’ve seen lots of headlines about it in recent weeks, but have skipped all the articles for one big reason: I don’t need a tablet-thingy.

    Rewind: For Christmas, a good friend finally got an iPod Touch (you know, the iPhone but without the phone) and immediately emails me to say, How did I live without this? This same friend is not an Apple fanboy by any means; very much a PC guy, though now he’s considering a full switch.

    Back to now: The article I just read is this short piece in which the guy credited with creating the idea of a laptop computer had this to say to Steve Jobs when Jobs showed him the iPhone years ago:

    “Make the screen five inches by eight inches, and you’ll rule the world.”

    And this occurred to me: Just like now with the tablet-thingy, I didn’t get wrapped up in the iPod hype years ago. I didn’t buy an iPod when it first came out, nor when the 2nd or 3rd versions came out. I didn’t buy the first iPhone, either. And yet today my reaction is the same as my friend’s — how did I ever live without these things?

    Here’s what I think will happen next: I won’t buy the tablet-thingy; I’ll wait for version 2 (like you should almost always do with Apple products). And then I’ll buy it, and I’ll wonder how I ever lived without it.


    Random Thought: Air Travel

    December 26, 2009

    If the TSA/FAA is going to create a bunch of silly, new in-flight rules (see story here and read comments here) as a knee-jerk reaction to the attempted attack on Christmas day, I’m going to change my travel plans for 2010.

    After missing most of the SEO/SEM conferences in 2009, I was hoping to attend more next year. But flying was already a big enough pain in the arse, and now it seems things will only be worse moving forward. I’m glad that I’ve already committed to speak at one event here in the Tri-Cities, and two others that are within driving distance. And at the moment, the only U2 show I’m planning to attend is also a short drive away. (I have Oakland tickets, too, but not sure about using them. If the TSA/FAA rules are going to be silly, I’ll probably sell those.)

    Terrorists suck. Kneejerk reactions do, too.


    Random Thought: Dentists

    December 16, 2009

    If the dentist really cared about you taking good care of your teeth, s/he’d give you one of those expensive, electric toothbrushes when you leave … not a cheap, flimsy, plastic one with terrible bristles that you wouldn’t even use on your dog.

    Maybe I’ll bring this up at my appointment in February.