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    This Makes Me SOOOO Proud to be a Seahawks Fan

    March 23, 2011

    EA Sports is doing a March Madness-style tournament to decide who gets on the cover of Madden 12 this year. Each team has one nominee. Guys like Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, and Larry Fitzgerald are representing their teams.

    Know who’s representing the Seahawks?


    Me! And all the 12s everywhere! Yep … the Seahawks nominee is the 12th Man, the Seahawks fans as a group.

    How awesome is that??!!??

    Check this out:

    “The Seahawks have a lot of great players on the team,” said Christopher Erb, vice president of brand marketing for EA Sports. “But with the whole idea about integrating fan voting, Seattle’s just got this huge fan base – this whole 12th Man – and it’s always the loudest stadium.

    “So it just made a lot of sense for us to kind of celebrate the idea of the fans, and there was no better city to do that for than Seattle.”

    Hey 12s, and I know some of you are reading this, start voting now.


    Lucky Chips & Salsa (AKA: How the Seahawks Beat the Saints)

    January 8, 2011

    I helped the Seahawks beat the Saints today. Well, me and some chips and salsa.

    No, for real. I even tweeted about it during the game. This first tweet was posted at halftime when the Seahawks were winning 24-20.!/mattmcgee/status/23879177795014657

    When the Saints took a 10-0 lead, I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the salsa from the fridge, put some in a tupperware bowl, grabbed the bag of tortilla chips and went back to the game. The Seahawks outscored New Orleans 24-10 after that to take the halftime lead.

    You may think to yourself, “Coincidence!” Au contraire, mon frere. Keep reading. Continue Reading…


    The Seahawks, March Madness, and the NFL Playoffs

    January 6, 2011

    seahawks-logoLast Sunday, two teams from a lousy division played a game for the right to be in the NFL Playoffs. The Seahawks beat St. Louis and, despite their 7-9 record, they’re now the NFC West champs and part of the 12-team playoff tournament. Their reward is a game against the defending Super Bowl champs.

    Every year (for the past few years), March Madness begins with two teams from lousy conferences playing on a Tuesday evening for the right to join the NCAA basketball tournament. It’s called a “play-in” game and the winner gets a date with the top overall seed in the tourney.

    Even before this play-in game began, March Madness always included (and usually still does) a couple no-name, lousy basketball teams with won-loss records of 12-18 or 15-17 who either A) managed to get hot at the right time, B) come from bad conferences, or C) both of the above.

    When this happens in March Madness, people love it. The underdog! The drama of a 16-seed trying to beat a 1-seed. David vs. Goliath and all that stuff.

    For some reason, now that it’s happened in the NFL, people are posting on message boards, calling sports radio, tweeting, Facebooking, writing articles and blog posts and who-knows-what-else about what a joke it is that the Seahawks are in the playoffs, how embarrassing it is, how unfair it is, yadda-yadda-yadda. (Even Seahawks fans are doing this!)

    Get over it.

    It’s football. It’s a game. It’s not sacred. If you’re offended by a 7-9 team making the NFL playoffs, your priorities are really warped.

    If you’re a Seahawks fan, relax and enjoy. They’ll lose by about 25 points, but it’s all good. They won the division. Sure beats the heck out of another 4- or 5-win season, doesn’t it?

    Go Hawks!


    Seahawks: Reality Check

    November 7, 2010

    seahawks-logoSo the Seahawks have lost their last two games by a combined score of 74-10, they’ve looked ugly even in most of their wins, and they’re all kinds of banged up. It’s pretty easy to be down on the Seahawks right now.

    But here’s a reality check:

    If you had told 100 Seahawks fans before the season began that, at the halfway mark of the season, the Seahawks would be 4-4 and tied for first in the division, every one of them would’ve accepted that in a heartbeat.

    It’s not nearly as bad as it seems, and could be a lot worse. Go Hawks!


    Pete Carroll: Why Didn’t You Just Say That?

    October 29, 2010

    I was pretty skeptical when the Seahawks hired Pete Carroll as head coach, and as much as I enjoy watching his enthusiasm on the sidelines, the jury is still out for me on whether he’s gonna last long-term in Seattle. I want to like the guy, and I kinda do … but still just “kinda.”

    And now I’ve read this profile and it includes this little bit in the middle:

    Still, Carroll is always looking to give them something more. He subscribes to the philosophy of the late John Wooden, the UCLA college basketball coaching legend who believed that creating the strongest internal competition possible was more important to success than preparing for what an opponent would do during a game.

    He’s a John Wooden guy? Like me? Well, fer cryin’ out loud … why didn’t you just say that on the first day?