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My little Republican

Sean announced today that he knows what he wants to be for Halloween: “An elephant, like the Republicans. And I can go around to people’s houses to get candy and tell them to vote for Bush, because the election is two days later.” And amazingly, they exist. Although that one looks a bit on the […]

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Mini-me … Mini-she

When you have kids, and while the kids are young, you spend a lot of time wondering what they’ll be like as they get older. And you spend a lot of time hoping that they share what you consider to be your own best traits. For me, this was especially true with Sean. My first […]

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What are they teaching my kid(s)?

For the past two weeks, my son — and his entire kindergarten class — has been counting down the days until May 25th. That’s not the last day of school. No, that’s the day an incubator full of eggs will hatch live chicks in their classroom. According to the “Egg Countdown Calendar” on our fridge, […]

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