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Bing Has No Clue Who Matt McGee Is

I was Binging myself (is that what you’d call it?) over the weekend and discovered that Bing is really FUBAR when it comes to knowing who I am. On the bright side, Bing shows a Snapshot result on searches for my name — unlike Google, which doesn’t have a Knowledge Graph result for me. (Probably […]

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Google: Any Excuse to Show an Ad

In what world is it relevant to show a bunch of ads when someone does a site: search looking for an article from a specific publisher? In Google’s world!!! I was searching for a specific article about Pinwheel that we previoiusly published on Marketing Land, but Google ignored the site:marketingland.com part and crammed a bunch […]

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I Used Wolfram Alpha (and it helped)

About this time last night, I was working on a blog post for Search Engine Land about the major search engines and how much they spend lobbying the government. In looking over the numbers, I had decided that my headline was about the enormous jump in how much Google has spent in the past few […]

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