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    Meteors Hitting Russia? WTF?

    February 14, 2013

    There are meteors hitting Russia right now and we’re somehow just finding out about it.

    Hey Science, this is the kind of sh** that I expect to know about months in advance. #fail

    Check out this one at the :12 mark when a meteor starts coming in view up in the sky.

    This one is similar, with the meteor coming down 10 seconds into the video. I’d have to pull the car over and start running the other way.

    Check out this one at the :27 mark. Holy %$#!!@#$!!!!!!

    I think the same explosion happens in this one right when the video starts.


    Tri-Cities, WA

    The Mysterious Meteor: Did It Hit Earth, or Not?

    February 22, 2008

    A meteor screamed across the Pacific Northwest Tuesday morning and has been the talk of the Tri-Cities (and Spokane, and Boise, and Walla Walla, and even Seattle, Portland and into Canada) since then. It happened at about 5:30 am and scared the bejeezus out of some folks who saw it:

    “The light was so … close to me and so bright, I swerved off the road,” said Dante Martinez of Richland. “I was shaking because it was so close. I’ve never witnessed or seen anything so bright ever. … It was so super bright, my eyes had to adjust a little.”

    Well, the debate is now on: Did the meteor ever hit the ground, or did it disintegrate in mid-air? Have a look at these videos and see what you think:

    According to this story, a private aircraft pilot saw the meteor hit about an hour north of the Tri-Cities along Highway 26. But according to scientists at the University of Washington, it disintegrated in the sky above the Blue Mountains in northeastern Oregon.

    Oh, the excitement! The town’s all abuzz. I don’t have a clue what it did; I just wish I was awake to see it.

    Here are some more videos for the interested:

    YouTube | YouTube | CNN | Tri-City Herald (#1) | Tri-City Herald (#2)