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    Taking a Sunday Drive

    September 11, 2008

    I’ve been itching to go to a Seahawks game for a while now. Haven’t been to one in about 2-3 years, I think. My son has never been to one, and he’s been asking about it since at least last season, and maybe even the season before.

    So out of the blue this week, I had this urge to find tickets for the home opener this Sunday. Ticketmaster had some tickets available, but they were the super-spendy Club Seats, minimum price about $225 per ticket. Found a few good auctions on eBay, and managed to win one yesterday morning! The tickets arrived today via overnight mail:

    Seahawks tickets

    Gorgeous, aren’t they? We’ll be sitting up pretty high, but somewhere around the 40-yard line. These are from a season ticket holder who can’t make the game, and the final auction price was less than face value.

    The Hawks might be lucky to score 10 points, but that’s okay. A day trip to Seattle for some NFL football with my #1 son is a guaranteed great day. Hope your Sunday ends up as good as ours will be!


    George Carlin on Baseball & Football

    July 17, 2008

    I was watching the MLB All-Star game with my 10-year-old son on Tuesday night, and somehow we got on the subject of the NFL. I said (as I always do) how excited I am for football season, and asked how soon it starts — a question I usually start asking about two weeks after the Super Bowl ends. (Seriously, shouldn’t the NFL season be year-round? How fantastic would that be?)

    ANYWAY … that delved into a comparison of baseball and football, and I started doing the best I could to remember that old George Carlin routine about the two sports. Only remembered a couple lines, but I found it later that night on YouTube. How great is this?

    Showed it to my son last night so he could understand what I was trying to remember, and he loved it, too. Nothing like George Carlin to help with some father-son bonding!


    The first hit…

    May 9, 2005

    The 0-fer is done. In the 8th game, Sean has his first hit of his first Little League season. He hit the ball solid, past the mound and out to shortstop. This being the lowest level of LL, there were bobbles and drops along the way a bit — but the bottom line is that Hit No. 1 is in the books.

    He had done nothing more than foul tip a ball in the first 7 games, so you can imagine his surprise on hitting the ball fair. He stood still at the plate for the splittest of seconds, then went down to 1st base as fast as those legs could take him.

    And when he got there safely, every parent in our bleachers was up yelling for him — Great job! Way to go! You did it! And down at first base, I saw him wind his arm back like he was about to throw a fastball, and follow-through with our 1st base coach on the most emphatic high-five I’ve ever seen.

    It was just about enough to bring a Dad to tears……..


    Little League baseball

    April 13, 2005

    Little League baseball joining fee ………………………………… $85.00
    Baseball gear and accessories at Gart Sports ……………….. $66.66
    Baseball gear and accessories at Big 5 Sports ……………….. $12.42
    Watching your son’s first-ever Little League game …… Priceless

    Man, that was fun tonight. Sean’s team is maroon and gray, and he wears #4. My first little league was maroon, and I also wore #4. Sean’s team is sponsored by Hall’s Advanced Training Services; mine was sponsored by some funeral home!

    Anyway, the kids had a lot of fun. I got to run the pitching machine, and I had a lot of fun. Sean did well in the field, not so well at the plate – but who cares!? It was a great night and there’ll be many more little league games to come over the next few years.




    February 20, 2005

    Let the record show that today, February 20, 2005, was T’s first time bowling. And she loved it!

    I would place the ball right at the edge of the lane for her, and she’d give it a little push, which I would quickly push harder so it would reach the pins. It was the cutest thing — she would squat down and watch it go, and if she knocked one over, she’d turn around in a flash and put both arms in the air and yell “I DID IT!!!!!!” I *so* wish I’d brought a camera with me. 🙂

    Meanwhile, I bowled a 156, which amazed me since it’s been 5-10 years since I’ve bowled, and I was never very good to begin with. But in a moment of true “Dad Studness”, as I entered the 10th frame, I went back and whispered in Sean’s ear — “Watch this — three strikes in a row.” And then I went out and did it! Not quite the same as Babe Ruth’s called home run, but as close as I’ll ever get…..

    And here we are, 6 hours later, and my right arm is SORE.