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Hi, my name is Dug, and I LOVE you

I mentioned before that UP wasn’t my favorite Pixar movie, but I absolutely loved “Dug,” the obedient dog whose job was to track and find “Kevin,” the rare bird. So I just had to add him to my growing Pixar collection: He has seven phrases and sounds awesome when you make him talk. I’d been […]

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It’s crowded in that bed

A psychologist would probably have a good and interesting theory about this, and be able to use this to give us some insight into T’s psyche or personality, or maybe even about the kind of person she’s going to become later in life. But I can’t do any of that. All I can come up […]

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T the Builder

Lately T has been playing with blocks and building things — like most 2 year olds do. But unlike most 2 year olds, she doesn’t build towers up as high as she can — she builds these little “cities” spread out across the entire floor — 2-3 blocks at a time stacked up like a […]

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