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    Everything else is gravy…

    October 18, 2005

    (This actually goes back a week or two, but dinner tonight reminded me…..)

    It was a week or two ago that I was picking up the kids from school and daycare, and as I always do, I asked them how their days were, what they did, who they played with, etc. And with T, I always ask what she had for lunch at daycare. On this particular day, she was excited to let me know about something new that she loved.

    “I had mashed potatoes!”

    “Did you like them?”

    “Yes, I did!”

    “Did you have anything else?”

    “Chocolate and green beans!”

    Yep, she thought the brown gravy on her mashed potatoes was chocolate. And we’ve had potatoes and gravy, err … chocolate two times since then. No need to tell her the real name of it just yet.


    “Big girl days are here….”

    September 7, 2005

    The timing is odd because she’s been out of diapers for a couple months and that, we told her, was when she stopped being a baby and became a big girl.

    Anyway, T is walking in to Kids World yesterday and she sees a new riding truck in the babies’ play area.

    “Look, the babies got a new truck!” She was so excited for them, and then maybe reality set in.

    “But baby days are over now. Big girl days are here,” she said, matter-of-factly.

    Big girl days, indeed…….


    Rhyme time

    August 5, 2005

    T has discovered the incredibly amazing fact that some words sounds just like other words. Every day she presents Mom and Dad with new rhyming combinations, some of which are not actually rhymes — but are usually pretty close. Nonetheless, she has come up with a few gems recently, two of which I’ll share here:

    “Mommy, Wheat Thins rhymes with Ethan.”
    ( Said while Mom is eating Wheat Thins. She has a friend named Ethan.)

    “Daddy, please rhymes with easy and with Mac-N-Cheese.”
    (Said while eating a dinner of Mac-N-Cheese and being reminded to say “please” when asking for more. Not sure how “easy” got in there, but I was impressed that she tried to rhyme three words rather than two.)

    Oh, the miracle of discovery. 🙂


    About that yardwork…

    June 18, 2005

    More priceless quotes today from little T….

    “Daddy is outside mowlawning.”

    (And that thing he’s pushing around the yard?)

    “It’s a mowlawner.”



    Why it gets dark

    May 28, 2005

    Continuing along with the occasional “from the mouths of babes” type of post comes this quote:

    “It’s getting really dark outside because the sky is closed.”

    — T, in the car and awake much later than she normally is, during our drive home from Seattle


    What’s in a name? (not much!)

    March 23, 2005

    Our daughter is at the age where role-playing is about as fun as it gets. Over the weekend, she was role-playing with Sean and Mom where T was the mommy and they were both her babies. They played it up to the hilt — lots of crying, demanding things, etc. I finally suggested to T that she tell her kids it was time for a nap. So she did:

    “C’mon baby, it’s time for a nap. Come lay down.”

    “C’mon other baby, it’s time for a nap….”

    Baby. And Other Baby. Maybe you had to be there, but it was one of the funniest things I’ve heard…..