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Turntable.fm: 13 Guaranteed Hits in 80s Rooms

There are a bunch of different rooms on Turntable.fm for playing and hearing 80s music. The one I’ve been hanging out in lately is I (heart) the 80s, which is usually one of the more active/busy rooms going each day. (And is the main reason for my Turntable.fm addiction.) What’s interesting is how the crowd […]

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My New Addiction: Turntable.fm

That’s me on the DJ table spinning Don Henley’s “The Boys Of Summer” to a room full of happy music lovers. I’m in a room dedicated to 80s songs on Turntable.fm, and I’m completely addicted to this site. If you love music and social networking, you’ll probably love Turntable.fm. The DJs take turns playing one […]

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