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Ajira Airways (or, Why I Love LOSTpedia)

Just checking out iTunes a little while ago, and they have a promo running for a LOST Season 5 preview video with music by The Fray, a band I generally like. It’s their new song, it’s a free download, so I decided to check it out … and near the end of the video there’s […]

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74 Days and Counting…

… until the season premiere of LOST. On Wednesday, Jan. 21, Lost returns with a three-hour (you heard me, three-hour!) premiere. “Because You Left” and “The Lie” will air back-to-back, following a recap of the first four seasons. Full story…

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Just Give Me The $!@#$% Weather!

[rant] There are only three things we all need to know when watching the weather report on local TV news: How hot/cold did it get today What’s going on right now What’s it going to be like tomorrow and over the next couple days That’s it. Three things. Heck, you could remove #2 from that […]

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