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    The Only Reality TV Show I’d Go On

    February 8, 2011

    When Cari and I used to watch Survivor regularly, we’d both manage to get about three minutes into any episode before realizing that we could never, ever go on the show. No way, now how. It was fun to watch, but that’s as close as we wanted to get to the show.

    I have a new favorite reality TV show, and it’s one that I would love to go on:


    Worst Cooks In America is on Food Network once a week. The cooks are trained to cook and go through a couple challenges each week, and one cook from each team gets voted off — usually after failing miserably at creating a meal with no help from the professional chefs.

    The reason I want to go on Worst Cooks In America? Two reasons, actually:

    1. I could win! I’m not a great cook by any means, but I’m much more comfortable in the kitchen than these folks are. They’re hysterical to watch. And this is probably the only reality show on TV that I could actually win.
    2. I would really learn how to make amazing meals! I’m pretty average. I can cook a few meals and do an adequate job with meats or pasta or something like chicken fajitas. But I have no clue what seasonings, spices and extra ingredients I could be using to make the meals I cook really phenomenal. I would love to learn stuff like that.

    Problem is, I’d never get accepted. If you look at some of the nasty meals from auditions, you can see how bad these people are when they’re picked. I don’t think I could purposely make something that looks that bad. So … I guess I’ll just keep being an average cook who enjoys the show from the comfort of the couch.



    Best Buy = Clueless, But My Office Upgrade Survived

    December 28, 2010

    Three weeks ago today, on December 7th, I bought a new TV at Best Buy for my office. The one I bought is an LG brand, 32LE5400. It had all the things I wanted:

    • 1080p
    • 120 hz refresh rate
    • built-in Internet connectability
    • right size for my office
    • right brand — either Samsung or LG

    It was also

    • the top-rated 32-inch TV in the most recent issue of Consumer Reports
    • regularly $900, but on sale for $600 — about $200-$400 less than comparable models, and since I had $240 in Best Buy gift cards, my out-of-pocket cost was $360
    • the max resolution that my Mac Mini can support, allowing me to use it as a computer monitor, too

    The one thing it wasn’t was in stock. I didn’t want the shelf display model, so I placed a special order and Best Buy said a new one wouldn’t be in until December 27th. And that’s where the story gets interesting…. Continue Reading…

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    I Was on FSN Northwest Tonight

    June 2, 2010

    Well, come to think of it, it wasn’t technically me on FSN Northwest … it was my Twitter pictures. And my Twitter username. That’s kinda like being on FSN, isn’t it?

    What happened was that Ken Griffey Jr. retired today, and during the Mariners pre-game show, Sean and I grabbed our Griffey bobbleheads and placed them in front of the TV as if they were watching FSN’s Griffey tribute. I took a photo and posted it on Twitter:

    Picture 1

    And here’s the photo from that tweet:


    Whomever handles the FSN Northwest account on Twitter saw that pic and retweeted me with an “AWESOME” in all caps. Then, like 45 minutes later while we’re watching the game, all of a sudden … holy crap, FSN is showing that photo in the middle of the game broadcast!


    So, I did what anyone would do: I took a photo of my photo being shown on FSN Northwest, and also put that on Twitter:


    And here’s the photo attached to that:


    FSN saw that tweet/photo, too, and sent me a message saying they were planning to show both photos during the post-game show. And sure enough, they did!

    last photo

    They actually showed both photos in order, and Brad Adam & Bill Krueger talked about them and all. It was kinda funny. As I’ve said before, I love Twitter.

    Next time I wonder why I’m taking silly photos and putting them on Twitter, I’ll remember this episode. You just never know what might happen….


    LOST Fans at the Finale

    May 31, 2010

    Found this via Hurley’s blog and, as he said, “this was nice.” Agreed.

    Description: “Before a screening of the last episode of LOST in Arlington, VA, fans talk about the show that defined a part of their lives.”