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How Long Has It Been Since SNL was Good?

Due to a variety of circumstances beyond my control, I watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend. It was the first time I’ve watched the whole show in … years. I don’t know when I last saw the full 90 minutes. This weekend’s show was a repeat from probably 3-4 months ago. Tina Fey — […]

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LOST: Best. Show. Ever.

I think my wife said it best, when there were only about 10 minutes left in the season finale: “I just want this show to stay on 24 hours a day.” Me, too, love. Me, too. That had to be the best two hours of television I’ve ever seen. And LOST is the best show […]

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There’s No Way I’m Charlie

My wife sent me a link to this “Which LOST character are you?” quiz, and the $%#@ thing tells me I’m Charlie Pace. Which Lost Character Are You?Created by BuddyTV No way! Just because I said I prefer rock music, and because rather than say I’m “squeaky clean” I admitted to having had a couple […]

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