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    Just Give Me The $!@#$% Weather!

    July 16, 2008


    There are only three things we all need to know when watching the weather report on local TV news:

    1. How hot/cold did it get today
    2. What’s going on right now
    3. What’s it going to be like tomorrow and over the next couple days

    That’s it. Three things. Heck, you could remove #2 from that because you can look outside and figure out what’s going on right now with the weather. (“…sun is shining, sky is blue, don’t see any cows sailing across the sky — nice day!”)

    In my hometown, the weather guy/gal usually gets between three and four minutes out of the 30-minute newscast. I trust that’s the same pretty much anywhere in the U.S. On the station we watch most often, the weather guy fills his time with “tower cam” video shots that show absolutely nothing, satellite doppler-type stuff, water vapor outlook, jet stream data, cloud cover (even on sunny days), the three things I listed above, and then he ends by spending 30-45 seconds showing “weather photos” sent in by viewers and then chit-chatting about how nice the photos are (even when they’re not) with the chatty news anchors.

    Oh, and he’s shown in a small box on the screen so that all this “weather plus” data (like temperatures of cities in Idaho and Oregon that I’ve never heard of) can scroll and rotate on the screen like CNN on steroids.

    It sucks! For every 10 seconds of useful weather information, there’s 20 seconds of crap. And then they wrap it up with a nice smile and a corny joke.

    Just give me the #%@%$# weather!!!!!!!



    How Long Has It Been Since SNL was Good?

    June 23, 2008

    Due to a variety of circumstances beyond my control, I watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend. It was the first time I’ve watched the whole show in … years. I don’t know when I last saw the full 90 minutes.

    This weekend’s show was a repeat from probably 3-4 months ago. Tina Fey — who I generally love — was the guest host. Carrie Underwood — who I generally like to look at — was the musical guest.

    And the show was dreadful.

    There were a couple funny moments during the news segment, and a couple laughs during a skit about a game show called “What’s That Bitch Talking About?” But other than that … dumb, boring, and not funny.

    How long has it been since SNL has been good? How long since it’s even been watchable? I’d vote for replays of classic SNL shows over what I saw Saturday night. I’d vote for infomercials over what I saw on Saturday night. It was that bad.

    Update: Just found this recap of the show. It was from February and must’ve been right after the writer’s strike ended. You’d think they would’ve had much better material after such a long break…..


    LOST: Best. Show. Ever.

    May 30, 2008

    I think my wife said it best, when there were only about 10 minutes left in the season finale: “I just want this show to stay on 24 hours a day.”

    Me, too, love. Me, too.

    That had to be the best two hours of television I’ve ever seen. And LOST is the best show of all time. There are people who actually don’t watch LOST, and I feel so bad for them. They’re missing something amazing.

    Meanwhile, I checked Amazon just now and the Season 4 DVD set is already available for pre-order. Nice! Gotta wait until early December, though. Good thing for us: We’ve kept the whole season on TiVo, so we can watch whenever we want.


    There’s No Way I’m Charlie

    February 13, 2008

    My wife sent me a link to this “Which LOST character are you?” quiz, and the $%#@ thing tells me I’m Charlie Pace.

    No way! Just because I said I prefer rock music, and because rather than say I’m “squeaky clean” I admitted to having had a couple speeding tickets in my life … they equate me with a drug-addict, rocker-dude? B.S. I like Charlie and all, but I’m not him. No way, no how.