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    Meteors Hitting Russia? WTF?

    February 14, 2013

    There are meteors hitting Russia right now and we’re somehow just finding out about it.

    Hey Science, this is the kind of sh** that I expect to know about months in advance. #fail

    Check out this one at the :12 mark when a meteor starts coming in view up in the sky.

    This one is similar, with the meteor coming down 10 seconds into the video. I’d have to pull the car over and start running the other way.

    Check out this one at the :27 mark. Holy %$#!!@#$!!!!!!

    I think the same explosion happens in this one right when the video starts.



    What I Needed as a Wedding Gift

    March 20, 2011

    When I have a question, one of Cari’s favorite answers is, “Do whatever you think is best.” Early on in our marriage, I thought that was a sign of her trust in my decision-making. You know, like, Of course you should go see eight U2 concerts in the next two months! Have fun, honey! But, as I eventually learned, that wasn’t really what she was saying.

    I wish I’d gotten the Manslater as a wedding gift.

    They played that video during church today. Had the whole congregation in stitches.



    Collective Soul: So Much Better the Second Time

    September 30, 2010

    I saw Collective Soul in Idaho a little more than a year ago. It was a good show, but I was fighting my first bout of vertigo and probably shouldn’t have made the six-hour round trip to see them. I couldn’t make it through the whole show; wasn’t feeling well and got a little dizzy.

    Round two with Collective Soul happened tonight, much closer to home. They played at the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima — a little more than an hour away. And my vertigo hasn’t been bothering me lately. Sean and I went and it was a blast! They played just about every song I could’ve hoped for (aside from a few more obscure tracks that I love) and, even though the show only ran about 90 minutes, it was pretty much perfect.

    Aside from that stuff, I also used the show to test my iPhone 4 and how well it handles live audio, video, etc. The main thing to use my Ustream account for the first time — to see how it looks and sounds, how it connects with Twitter, etc. Here’s an awesome live version of “December,” which — despite my dancing with the camera in my hand — came out really well.

    There are a couple other videos on my Ustream channel if you’re interested.

    All in all, the live audio/video stuff was pretty easy. Which is good, since I’m hoping to do more next year when U2 comes to the U.S.


    Remembering Something Happens

    January 1, 2010

    My friend Jeannie sent me a link to some recently posted YouTube videos. Here’s one of them:

    Back in the day, pretty much any and every band that formed in Dublin was called “the next U2.” After U2 hit it big, record labels had people scouting out the Dublin scene — and all over Ireland, I would think — trying to find the next big thing.

    Something Happens was one of the bands that formed and grew in the late ’80s, and Jeannie introduced them to me … in the mid ’90s, I think. The only thing they really had in common with U2 was that they were a 4-piece and hailed from Dublin. Something Happens didn’t write huge, sweeping epics; they wrote the catchiest, most perfect little pop/rock songs you’d ever hear, with the most clever and witty lyrics you could imagine. I loved them. Still do.

    They put out maybe a handful of albums, but were beset by poor production to some degree. They were very popular in Ireland and had a modicum of success elsewhere in Europe, as I recall. They tried and tried to crack the U.S., but never could. In … I think it was 1994? maybe ’95? … they toured the U.S. by bus with Warren Zevon. They were both the opening act and Zevon’s backing band during his set.

    Cari and I drove to Portland to see them play with Zevon. Jeannie had sent us some Irish chocolate bars to give to them, so we found their bus a couple hours before the show and were able to meet them and chat for a few minutes. Super nice guys. I got to meet Tom Dunne, the lead singer, again in 1996 (I think) when Cari and I made our first visit to Dublin. Here’s a pic of me and Tom at the Virgin Megastore:

    Tom Dunne and me

    (That’s when I still had my TV sportscaster hair.)

    But the Happens never really hit it big, and after a while it became obvious that the band members could make more money doing other things. Their last album came out in 1997. Tom has gone on to be one of the top radio personalities in Ireland, winning awards left and right over the last decade. (He also provided the narration for U2’s Elevation Tour documentary that appears on the Live from Boston DVD.)

    In 1998, a panel of Irish music experts picked their second album, Stuck Together With God’s Glue, as one of the 10 best Irish rock albums ever — in the same league with The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, Astral Weeks, and others. Here’s the article. (And yes, Bono flat-out stole that title for a lyric in U2’s song, “Staring at the Sun.”)

    They only get together once a year now to play one gig in Dublin. The video above is from Wednesday night, in a little club called Whelan’s. The song is “Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello (Petrol),” which isn’t one of my big favorites, but a good song, nonetheless.

    You can find their first 3 albums on iTunes. Bedlam-A-Go-Go is the roughest/loudest and is my least favorite of the three, but has two of the best Happens songs: “Daisyhead” and “Beautiful Country.” The latter song is probably one of the best songs ever about the Irish Troubles, and, to be frank, puts U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” to shame. The former is Tom writing about the death of his father:

    Now there’s daisies growing in your head
    The only flowers to have found a bed
    Where only stones you’d expect to find
    Inside that scenic but dated mind
    Take it from me. That it’s raining on you.


    Tell me, baby, how the world fell apart at its seams
    Tell the world now why you’re better off covered in green
    You won’t get up
    You can’t come back again

    It’s a picturesque but lonely little place where you’re lying now
    It’s past the time for you, you can’t hear the crying now
    But what the hell’s new except the daisies that grow in you
    In your daisyhead

    “Room 29” and “Devil In Miss Jones” are great songs, too. The latter is Tom’s ode to porn star Traci Lords. Srsly. Shame that iTunes doesn’t have Planet Fabulous, which has always been my favorite Happens album — but it does have one of the songs, “Momentary Thing,” which was apparently used on the TV show, Veronica Mars. Great, great song — maybe the best 99 cents you’ll spend on iTunes. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

    As for me, I’ll just hope they keep playing those once-a-year gigs in Dublin … and that I can get over there someday to see one.


    Can this possibly be real?

    August 10, 2009

    I don’t think so. Gotta be a gimmick. Trick photography/editing. Something. Still, this is supercool awesomesauce…

    Update: As Adam Baldwin just pointed out on Twitter, and as you can actually see in the freeze-frame above, there’s a dummy on the ground at the base of the ramp. So, no, it’s not real. But it’s still cool!


    Sparky, the Crazy Puppy

    July 28, 2008

    I just remembered a week or two ago that I have a personal account on YouTube (in addition to the @U2 account and several other blog-related accounts). Since I recently bought the latest and greatest version of Apple’s iLife software, and since we recently got a puppy, I combined those two into my very first uploaded video on YouTube. (I’m such an early adopter.) It lasts a minute and there’s audio. Here it is: