The first hit…

May 9, 2005

The 0-fer is done. In the 8th game, Sean has his first hit of his first Little League season. He hit the ball solid, past the mound and out to shortstop. This being the lowest level of LL, there were bobbles and drops along the way a bit — but the bottom line is that Hit No. 1 is in the books.

He had done nothing more than foul tip a ball in the first 7 games, so you can imagine his surprise on hitting the ball fair. He stood still at the plate for the splittest of seconds, then went down to 1st base as fast as those legs could take him.

And when he got there safely, every parent in our bleachers was up yelling for him — Great job! Way to go! You did it! And down at first base, I saw him wind his arm back like he was about to throw a fastball, and follow-through with our 1st base coach on the most emphatic high-five I’ve ever seen.

It was just about enough to bring a Dad to tears……..

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