The Most Unique Interview I’ve Done

July 12, 2012

m2-interviewI’m usually the one doing the interviews, not being interviewed … but every once in a while that situation gets flipped the other way. (Yes, that’s me at right conducting an interview during my TV days.)

There’s a thing in the SEO/online marketing industry where prolific/visible bloggers tend to get interviewed every now and then. It’s something that was more common years ago (guest blogging seems to have replaced it to some degree), but still happens every now and then.

I just did an interview with Kahena Digital Marketing, a company based in Jerusalem that’s been doing a series of Q&As with search industry figures.

It ended up being the most unique interview I’ve ever done.

Sure, there were a couple SEO/search questions, but there was also LOST (the TV show), sports, U2 and a variety of semi-personal questions, too. I was taken aback when I saw the list of questions, but it ended up being a lot of fun to write out replies.

If you click-thru to read about it, you might learn things like:

  • my favorite Pixar film
  • why I don’t have any heroes
  • my biggest mistake
  • what a typical day looks like
  • my perfect dinner guest list

See? I told you it was unique! You can read it here.

Great thanks to David Wiseman and Kahena for inviting me to chat.

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