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October 24, 2008

So, my U2 book is now in stores in the UK and available on Amazon UK. Early reviews are superb. I’ve read stories about first-time authors who get addicted to viewing their book’s sales page on Amazon to see where it ranks on the sales charts. I always thought those people needed to get a life. And now I’m one of them! It’s incredibly addicting … and let’s leave it at that!

(In fact, hold on … gotta go check Amazon UK. Okay, #7,151 overall right now. It was 6,200-something earlier today, but 14,000-something yesterday. See? How embarrassing that I know all this!)

Anyhoo, on to the blog recap…


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Pasco Real Estate Blog

Richland Real Estate Blog

Hyperlocal Blogger

Small Business Search Marketing

Hmmmm. Not as much blogging as I thought. See? I really do need to stop looking at those Amazon sales numbers. Sheesh. And the book isn’t even available on Amazon.com yet…..

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