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TIL: I’m a REALLY Picky Traveler

August 27, 2013

airline departuresI had no idea how picky I am about traveling until the person on the other end of the phone said, “Our travel agent will book your travel for you.”



I’m going back east next month for a trip that I’m not paying for (it’s not work-related) and the people who are bringing me there are handling all of my travel details: air travel, hotel, ground transportation, etc. Sure, I feel like a semi-important person all of a sudden, but I cannot stand the loss of control over how I get from here to there.

I’ve been on the phone and traded a couple emails with the people making the travel arrangements (they’re extremely nice and helpful!) and this is what I’ve been trying to get across without making myself out to be a complete jerk:

  • I prefer aisle seats on airplanes.
  • I like to sit as far to the front of the cabin as possible on planes, but not in the very first row.
  • I’m a night owl, so flights that leave before 7 am PT are a pain in the arse.
  • Worse, I’m a west coast night owl, so flights leaving from the east coast before 10 am are a pain in the arse.
  • I’ve missed enough flights in my time to fear layovers of less than an hour, and less than 90 minutes at bigger airports.
  • Plus, flights from east to west are slower due to headwinds, so I prefer longer layovers when traveling in that direction.
  • I like Alaska and Delta the best for weekday travel, especially cross-country, because they both have a lot of flights with Wi-Fi, which means I can put in a semi-normal day of work while I travel.
  • At hotels, I like rooms that are on higher floors because I like the views (and because they’re often quiter than lower floors).
  • More importantly, I like rooms that are as far away from the elevators as possible so that I dont have to hear all the late-night foot traffic.

See? I’m a picky son-of-a-gun when it comes to travel, aren’t I?

When I’m booking my own stuff, I can control most of that myself. But not on this trip. Details aren’t set in stone yet, so I don’t know how close the trip will be to matching that wishlist above. But I have my fingers crossed for sure.

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