Tomato Garden, Take 2

May 29, 2011

After the rousing success of last summer’s tomato-growing adventure, we’re back at it again this summer.

Something came over me yesterday. After finishing up some work in the front yard, I went around back and dug up a 5×5 section of the lawn in the far corner. (By the way, earth is really heavy when you’re trying to move it across the yard.) Broke out the hoe and rake to get the dirt ready, cleaned out a bunch of rocks and pebbles, aligned the sprinkler head right next to it, then went to the store to buy two tomato plants and some barriers to keep Sparky out.

The final result? A mini-tomato garden like this:


I’ll tell my folks about this next time we’re on the phone, but they may pass out. I’m the least “green thumb” person around. So, to not only grow our own tomatoes two summers in a row, but to also build my own little mini-garden from scratch in the backyard? They’ll wonder who took their real son away.

On the other hand, they know how much I love tomatoes so maybe it won’t be such a surprise.

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