Tomatoes: The Verdict Is In

August 14, 2010

Our summer-long contest between ground-based tomatoes and the Topsy Turvy planter is over, and it’s not even close. This contest was kinda like the New York Yankees against a local T-ball team. The tomato plants that we put in the ground in our front yard are dominating the Topsy-Turvy plants … not to mention dominating pretty much everything else that’s growing around them.

Have a look:


The tomato plant is on the right, and is bigger and wider than I ever expected it to be. It was growing so big that I had to cut the branches of the bush to the left. So far, we’ve pulled four red tomatoes from this plant and oh my goodness, are they delicious! When I counted two nights ago, there were 17 tomatoes growing on this plant right now.

Meanwhile, the Topsy Turvy planter in the back hasn’t produced a single tomato yet — there are two growing on it and getting red, but we haven’t picked either yet. And there’s no sign of any more tomatoes to come from the Topsy Turvy planter.

Traditional growing FTW.

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